Five tips to help you prepare for an interview

These are designed to help anyone who is facing a job interview. This includes Skype, phone interviews, or the more traditional face-to-face ones:

  1. Have a review of your strengths and what you have to offer

You’ll want to offer that ‘wow’ factor, so that you are armed with some ideas of what you can tell the interview panel that you can do. The Via strengths questionnaire is excellent in this respect. This is a great place to start as it also really taps into positive psychology and will help with your mindset (see point 5)

  1. Find out as much as possible about the organisation/company

It’s often the first question they will ask you, so find out about the organisation. Reread any information about the job description, try to draw comparisons with your work experience and where you work now.

  1. Look at some interview questions

If you’ve been for an interview recently try to remember what they asked you, or you can find some good books in the library which give you examples of the most common questions.

  1. Get practising questions with someone

Answering interview questions sometimes seem a bit weird, as it’s unusual that you have to reply to question after question about your past work experience. You also might not be used to talking about yourself in a positive manner, especially if you are the self-effacing type. By getting a friend or family member to ask a few questions will make it seem less strange when you have to do so in front of the panel. Try to choose someone that is supportive and non-judgemental, but that can give you constructive feedback (see my blog on radical candour). Therefore, you will come across as more confident and at ease.

  1. Get yourself into the right headspace

If you have done all the above, then tell yourself that you’ve absolutely done your best and you are as prepared as you can be. Also it will help to think that if you don’t get the job, it won’t be the end of the world.

Remember to treat yourself well before going to the interview. This is the basics, make sure you eat and sleep well and don’t be in rush. Also, if you get nervous before or during the session, try to pause and think of your body posture, are you sitting in a position where you not slouching i.e a lengthening position, and that you are not holding any tension e.g. in your hands or face etc.


Good luck with any interviews, if you want some extra help with the preparation, then I have a lot of experience in this area. Contact me on 07766018081

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