If you are currently at a crossroads in life, I provide careers guidance, which may be a one-off session. Although you may find that one or two follow-up sessions are helpful.

Talking through a career dilemma with someone who is professionally trained will enable you to make a clearer decision. My careers guidance will give you thoughtful and impartial support.

My service includes:

  • Helpful, independent, impartial advice and guidance
  • Support to make a careers decision
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock interview practice

What will be explored in a career guidance session:

I am passionate about supporting you in your career. I will enable you to fully unlock your potential and to thrive in achieving your goals. This will be the chance for you to review your life goals and you’ll go away feeling you have more purpose.

The sessions will enable you to make the best use of your values, interests, skills and personality type. After the introductory call, I will come prepared with exercises and resources that we can use together to look at your next steps. You will have time to reflect on what you have achieved so far in your career. I am an excellent listener, so you will feel like you really have been heard. Subsequently, we’ll take the time to really explore all your options.

I have 10+ years of experience as a careers professional and will guide you through the steps that will help you to decide your next career move.

You can also read the about me page for more information about me and my approach.

What’s the difference between Careers Guidance and Coaching?

Careers guidance will be more specific towards reflecting on where you are in your career. Also, you’ll tend to be close to a decision-making crossroads in your life.

Careers or leadership coaching will be more about moving you along from the point you are in your career, to a stage where you would ideally like to be. That’s why you will tend to have more sessions, if you choose the careers or leadership coaching route.

There are lots of similarities and if you are in doubt, book a session and we can take it from there.

What else does the service offer?

I’m a keen writer and I tend to write a monthly blog.

Some relevant blogposts for career guidance:

interview preparation

career planning

confidence boosting tips

personal branding

how to improve your CV

advice on writing application forms

I also offer some free career resources, that are a few of the many tools I use within my careers guidance sessions.

Free Career Guidance resources:



£95 per session.

[If you are in a low-paid role, or are unemployed, you can ask me about reduced prices.]


Contact: lisa@lisastonecareersandcoaching.co.uk / 07766018081

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Proud to be a Registered Professional with the Careers Development Institute and a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision.

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