Kubler Ross Change Cycle

The Kubler-Ross Change Cycle

In my January blog, I talked about change. However, sometimes change happens to us, rather than it being something we choose ourselves.

The Kubler-Ross change cycle helps map six stages that you may be going through, when going through major change. These vary in emotional intensity as can be seen the figure above.

The anger stage in the cycle can mean you not going to be very receptive to receiving any advice or help, though you can acknowledge the anger and understand that it is a normal part of adjusting to change.

After this stage, acceptance becomes closer. This process may not be rigid and people may skip stages or pass through them in any order. It is a cycle, so you may find you have gone through the acceptance stage and then return to anger again and again.

Feelings of powerlessness and anger can occur due to the lack of control you have over these changes, if they are something that is happening to you. This model shows that it is normal to go through all these stages and to most it is a huge relief to know this. It is definitely not a sign of weakness to be going through all these emotions!

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