Below you will find feedback from my previous clients:

Feedback from 1:1 career coaching sessions

“I had three sessions with Lisa in which we looked at my skills, interests, and priorities to help determine what I want out of my career and what I should do next. I found it especially helpful that Lisa went over my CV with me in our final session, which I had updated to reflect the insights I had developed over the previous sessions. This support really helped me when I came to applying for jobs, I felt much more confident and assured in the skills I have, and in a better position to succeed. And it has all paid off, after interviews for five roles, and job offers from three of them, I have now secured my next role which I am really looking forward to starting. I would highly recommend Lisa if you have any uncertainties and want to develop a sense of direction.” Emma Richardson

“Really appreciated the time and patience Lisa gave me at a very low point in my career. She helped me refocus, and sharpen up areas where I desperately needed some help. Can’t thank her or recommend her enough!” Chris Fox

Excellent – one of the compliments I can give Lisa is that I felt liberated by the end of 2 sessions. I was skeptical initially due to her being a ‘ non medic’ however this is clearly an advantage and she was able to help in an objective way. Recommended without reservation.Gajan Chellappah, doctor

“A big thank-you to Lisa for her help in preparation for a job interview I had at the start of the year. Lisa took the time to understand exactly what I needed to know, and helped me to build my confidence to answer any questions I could be asked. Thanks to her hard work, I passed my interview and was offered a role above the one I applied for. Thank-you again for your help, Lisa!Philip Dalton

“Lisa is a highly professional and dedicated career coach. She has been very thorough in helping me become better organised and structured in my career transition. She has helped articulate my strengths in the marketplace and has an abundance of impressive and quality material to help. Brilliant! Thank you, Lisa.”  Clare Pereira

“Lisa is a great source of invaluable knowledge in careers for those who want to start their journey beyond medicine. She is approachable and easy to communicate with, inside and outside of one on one sessions.”  Mahsa Saraee, doctor

“I have worked with Lisa over the past six months to develop career direction. She has helped me to develop a career plan, define my goals and identify my strengths and areas for development. She is a good listener and asks constructive questions, helping me to gain personal insights to progress my career. 

Lisa has also provided me with tools, techniques and resources to use in my role and has supported me to develop new skills. My confidence at work has improved and I have been motivated to explore further areas for development to achieve my goals. 

Lisa is a highly personable and effective coach and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her”

Julia Nason, Programme Manager, Kent & Medway Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (NHS)

Feedback from 1:1 careers guidance sessions

“It was a pleasant and helpful experience, working with Lisa. We discussed different options and I left with a clearer idea on what I need in a job and where to look for it. I’d recommend her to others seeking guidance in their careers.” AE, who works in property management and wants a career change, North London.

“Once again, thank you very much for meeting with me. I cannot thank you enough as I would not be where I am now because of you. Will definitely recommend a meeting with a careers adviser for those who are stuck.” Foundation Year 2 trainee (doctor), Sussex

“Very grateful of your support for my decision making.” CT1 Trainee (doctor)

“I just wanted to let you know and thank you again for your wonderful support.  I wanted to let you know that you made a difference and that I appreciate it (a lot).” Foundation Year 2 trainee (doctor), Surrey

Feedback from recent workshops:

Preparing for Specialty Recruitment workshop:

“Interactive, engaging and good general information.” Foundation Year 2 trainee (doctor),  Brighton

Career planning workshop

“Useful information and advice. Comprehensive approach, very informative .” Foundation Year 1 trainee (doctor), Princess Royal Orpington Hospital

Careers Support Training workshop

“This was a most informative experience. I felt that Lisa Stone was very knowledgeable, helpful and imparted a tremendous amount of information in a most inconspicuous fashion. I cannot recommend this workshop more!” NHS Consultant (doctor), East Kent

“I really enjoyed the workshop and found it extremely useful. My trainees will now hopefully reap the benefit.” NHS Consultant (doctor), West Sussex

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