Other servicesConference workshops/ talks

Are you planning an event for attendees who wish to learn about the latest careers guidance methods?

I am available to speak at conferences on topics covering careers management and planning, supporting people through interviews, and leadership coaching.


Website content writing and editing 

I have years of experience on working on websites. I was a senior manager in the NHS and managed a national careers website – the doctors’ sections of www.healthcareers.nhs.uk 

I have completed a ‘design for the web’ module at the Open University.


Writing/proof-reading and editing

I can help to make your documents readable and in plain English, so that they are to a professional standard. e.g. National frameworks, policies and guidelines, career profiles.

I have worked on projects managed by Health Education England and NHS England.

Some examples of my work can be found below:

Graduate Prospects website, pathology and neurology articles: 

Health Education England

I authored this report on the Advanced Clinical Practice framework:


NHS England

I proof-read these job descriptions and put together these reports:




E-learning modules

I have been involved in creating appropriate content for a career-planning e-module that Health Education England has created for foundation doctors.


CVs and Cover Letters

I can make suggestions for improvements to your CV and/or cover letter. It is helpful for someone to have a fresh eye, to spot any grammar/formatting issues. My background of academic studies and my editing/copywriting experience mean that I have a better-than-average grammar and writing skills, so I can evaluate the quality of your work.

I also have expertise with CVs. I have worked as a freelance Careers Consultant at Imperial College London, and there I helped with a huge number of CVs.

I have also worked extensively with trainee doctors and know what it takes to make a good strong CV for your selection centre evidence folder.


£50 – £85 per CV or cover letter (depending on how much work is needed).

Send your CV/cover letter to lisa_c_stone@yahoo.co.uk and I will let you know the price.

Please note, I will not write your CV/cover letter for you.


Contact: lisa_c_stone@yahoo.co.uk / 07766018081